Monday, April 11, 2011

My Newly Found Love

Since my husband bought me a new oven, baking has been my newly found passion. It helps me to unwind and the satisfaction that I feel once I have finished baking and looking at people enjoying my cakes are indescribable. So, no matter how busy I am, I will always find way to bake something during weekend. Below are some pictures of cakes and pastries which I have baked. They do not look as tempting as other pictures at other blogs but layan je lah....

My mom's favourite- traditional butter cake.

Cheese cake- I baked this for my hubby's birthday.

Classic cheese cake- I think this is the best recipe for cheese cake that I have. I got the recipe from Kak Nita. The whole family and friends love it so much.

Chocolate cake. This is the only cake that my fussy boy, Wildan likes.

Carrot cake. A very healthy recipe since it uses canola oil, omega egg and brown sugar.

Puff pastry. I have been doing a lot of this for breakfast with different fillings. My hubby's favourite.

Chocolate and almond brownies. The almond was not finely scattered. A work of an amateur.

I love this. Chocolate cheese cake which I got the recipe from Kak Yatie @ Sinar Kehidupan. Marvelous!

Blueberry butter cheese cupcakes. I baked this last Saturday to take to my auntie's and sister-in-law's house. The recipe is also from Kak Yatie@ Sinar Kehidupan. My sister-in-law texted me last night, saying that the cakes are so delicious and please bake more for them. Hehe...

I will bake more and more after this. In fact, I have promised my husband that I will bake my own raya cookies this year. He just gave me a cynical smile. Well, let's see ok.


  1. secret recipe bungkus la pas nie..tutup kedai...he he he..

  2. Rajin Ina - fizin sekarang dah jadi malas sangat2!! baru2 nie beli timbang digital tetapi mood rajin tak datang2 lagi pun argh!!! he..he..

  3. puff pastry tu tentu sedap!! fizin tak pernah cuba buat lagi!!

  4. "nak oven baru....nak oven baru jugakkk...ntah bila lah boleh baking kek dgn oven baru ni..lom beli2 lg oven,yg lama dah rosak..huhu..tahniah kaz..sbb selalu buat sendiri kek..yg penting air tgn kan.."

  5. salam kaz.apa kabar?wuiii...mcm2 kek ada..trliur k.atie tgk!hihi.nanti amik award kat umah k.atie yer...

  6. sedapnyeeeeeeeeeeee.
    cuti neh nak serbu rumah teacher lahhhhhh.hahah.;p

  7. Bidadarindu: Mana kek biasa saja. Kak pun still pi SR nak makan chocolate indulgence.

    Fizin: Puff pastry tu mmg sedap, ina beli puff pastry instant jenama Kawan kat Giant, inti tu aje buat sendiri.

    Kak Pia: Seronok Kak Pia bila tgk husband, mak dan anak2 dok ulang makan kek yg kita buat sendiri.

    Kak Atie: Mana boleh lawan Kak Atie yg hebat itu.

    Najwa: Silakan... bawa iznul sekali.


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