Friday, April 29, 2011

That's it!

Alhamdulillah, finally, everything is over now. A small step that I took 2 years ago to start a 'one million miles journey' in pursuing my dream has come to the end yesterday when I sat for my last exam paper. But of course, I can't say that it is really over until I get my result which will be somewhere in June or July. My quite bad experience in viva has caused my confidence to shatter. Well, I can just tawakkal to Allah for I know that He knows.....

Memories that I will cherish:

The four of us- Syikin, Azlan, Kumar and me. We are from the same workplace, decided to undertake the journey together and we 'swam and sank' together in our studies. Syikin gave birth to her third child 3 days before the final exam. Luckily, she still had the strength to come and sit for the exam and viva.

Two of my closest friends there- Kak Shahid and Chinda. Kak Shahid, a sweet, funny and caring friend and sister, was my senior when I did my degree in UKM but we have never talked to each other until we met in USM. Chinda is such a wonderful lady with a very contagious smile and sisterly style. Keep in touch ya!

Final preparation before entering the exam hall.

My assignment spot:

Empty tutorial room in my college. I would go there when the library was closed.
Discussion room 9 in the library. My students knew I would be here if they could not find me in my office.
The two extremely heavy bags that I always carried and caused me to get backache. Plus, the laptop bag which is not here in the pic!

The dining table in my house which was automatically converted to study table.

So, that's it. Now, I don't have to worry about going to night classes and lecture, finishing the assignments, preparing for the presentation and attending the exam. But no matter what, I do appreciate the moment and experience that I gained from being a Master's student. It is priceless and definitely has moulded me to be a better person in its own way.


  1. Yes! we can be at peace till the result is announced! Keep in touch, dear Kaz.

  2. Assalamualaikum Kaz,
    Fuhhhh.....mesti lega rasanya kan....Semuga segala kepayahan yang dilalui diakhiri dengan senyuman tanda kejayaan .....InsyaAllah

  3. "Assalam kaz...akk doa kan smga resultnya nnti memang kebabom..heeee..kirim salam utk siapa tu..syikin,kuat semangat betul dia...smga semua kwn2 pun berjaya dgn cemerlang.."

  4. Bidadarindu: Mmg lega sgt2.
    Chinda: I agree, and hope we can be frens forever.
    Kak Wattie: Itulah, Kaz syukur sgt2 dah selesai walaupun tak dpt result lg.
    Kak Pia: Tq akak for the prayer.

  5. aawww..kaz,
    you made me wanna weep!! anyway, thanks for everything and for the friendship. promise to keep in touch!! love ya!!


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