Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wafriy is ok now!

Alhamdulillah, Wafriy has fully recovered from his chicken pox! For 2 weeks, he didn't go anywhere, didn't go to his nursery and Quran class, didn't follow his father and Wildan to watch Transformers, didn't follow me to do my weekly grocery shopping and so many other things that he has terribly missed. I baked this marvelous chocolate cake with Ultraman edible image to celebrate his recovery last night.

My first edible image cake. Hmm....simply delicious with the moist chocolate cake and melted chocolate ganache and these two boys are so proud of their Mom! They thanked me profusely and kept on making request to have more and more chocolate cakes with their favourite figures after this. No problem dear, I love this request since I am seriously addicted to baking now.

Thanks to Allah for this chicken pox didn't leave ugly scar on his face and not even on his body for I supposed this was just a mild one. In fact, he was as active as ever and so "terlebih manja".

Being at home for 2 weeks under a good and tender care of his grandmother has also made him chubbier. My mom loves to feed him and keep on telling me and my husband, "seronok tgk dia makan". Hehe, I told my mom, "sekarang seronoklah mama, nanti kalau dah gemuk, dah tak seronok dah nak tengok".

Anyway, Alhamdulillah since everything is over and tomorrow will be the first day for him to go back to his nursery and I know he is really looking forward to meet his friends now.


  1. Hi Kaz, glad to hear that your son has recovered. Your baking skills has improved tremendously...what a great cake with the edible Ultraman image. I'm proud of you, too, my dear friend.

  2. "wahhh wafriy dah sembuh..alhamdulillah,dapat kek lagi tu...makan pun dah berselera,mmg seronok tgk budak2 makan dgn 'semangat' takut juga kalau2 berat bdn makin naik...ank2 akk pun kalau mknn kusss semangat tgk..kaz,ank akk si adik ni bln dpn b'day dia(7.8.2011),mula la sibuk suruh buat kek ultraman...kebetulan dia pun ada sama ngan akk ms akk bc entri kaz ni...ntah ler,bln puasa pulak nk celebrate pun.."

  3. Chinda dear, tq so much for the compliment. How I wish I could bake one for u one fine day...

  4. Salam Kak Pia, susah hati betullah tgk selera makan dia dan abang dia yg asyik lapar memanjang tu. Bukan tak nak kasi makan tp susah hati takut jadi obese pulak.

    Akak try lah buat kek ultraman, beli edible image tu kat kedai kek.

  5. i'm impressed with the ultraman cake ! surely u must be proud when wildan likes it :)

  6. Alhamdulillah, tak tinggalkan parut sgt ye..

  7. Assalamualaikum Kaz,
    Alhamdulillah Wafriy dah sihat, mesti dia melonjak kegembiraan dpt mkn kek kesukaannya, tambah2 ibu sendiri yg sediakan.

    Ttg award tu, takper, take ur time ya, takder paksaan sebenarnya, sekadar memeriahkan alam blogging...


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