Monday, August 16, 2010

Prioritize Your Priority

This is what I have always told my students and now I am reiterating it to myself. PRIORITIZE YOUR PRIORITY. And right now, I have so many responsibilities and things to do, which make me confused of which one is actually my priority. Let me sort these out.

Among the Important Things to be Done:
1. Prepare presentation slides and report for PLG 515 before 23/8/2010.
2. Prepare a critical review on any concept paper for PLG 515 before 4/9/2010.
3. Prepare a critical review on "PERMATA' program for PLG 516 before 1/9/2010.
4. Mark report writing assignments from my students before the end of this week.
5. Administer Writing and Speaking Test to my students by next week.
6. Prepare Observation Form and Letter for Mentor-Mentee session before this Friday.
7. Buy bus ticket for my mom today.
8. Register Database at USM as soon as possible.

I am sure there will be more to be added to the list from time to time. Not forgetting, my main and permanent responsibilities as a wife, mother and daughter.

Ya Allah, give me strength and patience please......

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  1. the main priority is prepared for ur "abang" juadah berbuka puasa..he he..

    kalau nak ikut kerja,sampai bebila pun x abis2..selagi belum tutup mata,kerja kerja kerja...


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