Monday, July 12, 2010

The journey

My journey resumes today. A journey that will demand a never ending effort, hard work, sacrifice and patience.
Tonight, I will start my first class in Semester 3 in USM. Having to complete 2 course works and 1 research paper, I foresee an insurmountable challenge waiting in front of me. I know I have to be extraordinarily mentally and physically strong since I have multiple roles to be carried out at the same time. Being a wife to a very busy husband, being a mother to a pair of growing up sons who really need my love and attention, being a daughter to a mother who also needs my attention and care, being a lecturer who is extremely busy with a lot of responsibilities to produce excellent students in this so-called excellent college and being a part time student who has a high aim and goal to be achieved.......... I know and I am fully aware that I have to be very strong and tough!
InsyaAllah, I will take it in my fullest stride, I will do my very best and I will squeeze all the strength that I have for I believe and will always believe that ALLAH WILL HELP ME.

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