Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Mama!

Happy 60th Birthday to my beloved Mama. This is one of the most important figures who has inspired and helped me to achieve everything that I have today.

"For all the stands you've stood for me For all the truth that you've let me see For all the joy that you've brought to my life For all the wrong that you've made right For every dream you've made come true For all the love I've found in you......"

May Allah bless you in every possible way and aspect of life my dear Mama. I will always love you forever. May Allah give you great health, faith and happiness to lead this life. I am the luckiest daughter in this world to be bestowed a super great mother like you.


  1. Happy Birthday auntie...May Allah bless u...always.

  2. "Selamat hari lahir Auntie"..semoga ALLAH berikn Auntie kesihatan yg baik & pjgkn usia...

  3. Happy Birthday Auntie - semoga sihat selalu & sentiasa berbahagia bersama anak2 tersayang!!

  4. hepy burfday auntie...may Allah bless u always...;)

  5. Tq Cuda, Kak Atie, Fizin dan Eiyda. Siapa tak sayang mak kan...smg semua yg bergelar emak kita dilindungi dan diberkati Allah selalu.


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