Friday, June 25, 2010

Last minute work

People work best under pressure. Well, I strongly agree with this statement as it really happened to me this morning. I have been postponing doing this particular task which was given to me few months ago. Well, I did sketch out few things and outlined the plan,etc but thinking that the urgency was not there yet, I kept on delaying to complete the whole task. The work was not that difficult but it was a bit complicated. Yesterday evening, I realized that the schedule has been changed and I need to complete the work by today. I was a bit panicked until I dreamt of the unfinished work in my sleep last night.
This morning, right after my class, I rushed back to my office, sat down and did my best to complete the work on my own. Since I had another class at 10.30, I ignored all the distractions that I usually allow myself to entertain to (such as having breakfast at De Pongsu Cafe for more than 30 minutes, gossiping, chit-chatting, hehe) and Thanks God, I managed to finish it successfully just in time. Though at first I silently cursed the person who was responsible in making me miserable last night and this morning, now I am grateful and should be thankful to him. The work that might take 1 day to be completed under normal circumstances has been completed in 1 and half hours under last minute pressure.
Moral value of this story? No, I am not going to say that last minute work is good or is always the best way, or I should do this again next time. It might have different ending under different circumstances and luck is not always ours all the time. But, there is always a blessing in disguise. Now I can sleep peacefully without having this playing at the back of my mind anymore.

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